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Cate Larke and her team of experienced and dedicated teachers have developed a programme specifically targeting literacy. Cate has been working with children with a range of learning problems for over 7 years and during that time, has developed the Learning Tactics Programme…

We are an Australian company using a range of programmes to improve the way the child receives and retains information.

  • Perhaps the child’s auditory processing is not as effective as it could be- this will obviously affect phonics skills.
  • The eyes may not be tracking in sync, which makes reading difficult.
  • The child may simply need some “one on one” assistance.

We meet the child where they are at! In addition, our team uses “multiple intelligences” theory in our pedagogy- meaning, we teach to the child’s learning style.

  • First and foremost we work with the parents to understand the full picture of the child.
  • One member of the team that helps your child to grow into a successful, well balanced child.
  • Developmentally appropriate programme for your child.

Methods employed

  • Auditory Training to improve phonics and comprehension
  • Sensory Integration exercises to improve coordination & fine motor skills
  • Traditional tutoring implementing a selection of literacy  programmesutilising  a range learning experiences.

Find Us At

  • Suite 6, Level 2, 10 Bradford Close, Kotara, NSW, 2289
  • (02) 4952 2444

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