Help with children’s reading.

Many children get to school and start to struggle.

  • difficulty with reading.
  • not picking up their sounds
  • struggling to remember sight words
  • problems with writing letters or numbers
  • not following instructions

Every child has a unique way of learning & remembering.

Not all children can learn to spell by memorising

By being flexible in our approach to developing learning experiences for each child, we can use the child’s learning style as our guide.

For instance, if a child learns through touch and kinaesthetic activities, those are the learning experiences we will provide. This is the basis for Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory.

“Gardiners MI theory validates educators’ everyday experience: students think and learn in many different ways.”Mindy L.

Kornhaber (2001: 276)

A simple application in reading

Teaching the sounds that make up reading and writing can be approached in a variety of ways.

Visual: Some children learn by seeing and remembering

Auditory: Songs and rhymes help some children learn. “Jolly Phonics” is a fabulous programme

Touch: Using different textures and letting the child make the letter/ sound

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